Itinerant is a story of wandering and settling down, of fitting in and standing out. It speaks of migrants and travelers, the ones who left and the ones who came, those who exchanged the confidence of belonging for freedom of movement. It explores our sense of identity and the way we experience who we are in regards to where we come from and where we arrived. Music, dance and video playfully meet and separate in their ways of describing the stories of the artists: the feeling of strangeness, the guilt of leaving, romanticizing a new home, consequent disillusion, the aggression which comes from feeling unaccepted and misunderstood, the sorrow that relentlessly follows: finally, an acceptance of the complexity of identity and a celebration of diversity. The piece is inspired by the artists’ personal experiences as well as the events transpiring in the world today. The hope of the performers is to offer a way forward through mutual understanding and embracing the mixing of cultures as an enrichment of society.

Nika Bauman (flute), Ana Marković (piano), Iva Casián-Lakoš (cello), Tomaž Zevnik (clarinet), Marko Ferlan (guitar, percussion), Anna Bárbara Bonatto (dance), Rino Indiono (dance), Toni Mijač (video)

Works by: Toru Takemitsu, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vasilij Mokranjac, Mak Murtić, Maurice Ravel, Oscar Antoli, traditional Croatian and Mexican songs


Hidalgo Festival, Munich, 2020

Die Turnhalle in brick-5, Vienna, 2020

Landscapes and Dances

Through a series of collaborations, musicians, dancers and a VJ creates relationships, connections and expressions of classical music through contemporary art using the format of a concert. The program consists of five pieces of baroque and contemporary classical music for flute, guitar, piano and cello; each of the pieces features a collaborating artist that transforms the musical material into his/her artistic medium – dance or visuals.  The project explores the concepts of diversity, understanding, tolerance, communication, of mutual giving and receiving. The goal is to create a world where variety is celebrated, where artists and audience meet without prejudice and boundaries of time, style and medium and enjoy the sharing and reinterpretation of their creative stories through another’s eyes.

Nika Bauman (flute), Virna Kljaković (piano), Marko Ferlan (guitar, e-bass), Andrija Šimić (cello), Antonia Dorbić (dance), Rino Indiono (dance), Peter Ferlan (VJ)

Works by: Peteris Vasks, Georg Phillip Telemann, Dušan Bogdanović, Marko Ferlan, George Crumb, Andre Jolivet


Mansion House, Dublin, 2019

Teatar &TD, Zagreb, 2019

Die Turnhalle in brick-5, Vienna, 2019