Toni Mijač (video), Ema Crnić (dance), Nika Bauman (flute, mix), Virna Kljaković (piano), Marko Ferlan (guitar, mix), Iva Casián-Lakoš (cello)

Jaga was produced as a result of cancelled performances and closed borders during the worldwide lockdown in the spring of 2020. Dispersed over four different countries but all experiencing the lockdown, the six artists decided to collaborate through multimedia and transform the idea of their cancelled production into video. Jaga is inspired by the Russian fairytale Vasilissa the Wise and by the exploration of the subconscious mind in order to make peace with one’s fears and faults.

Landscapes and Dances Series

Nika Bauman (flute), Antonia Dorbić (dance), Toni Mijač (video)
Nika Bauman (flute), Peter Ferlan (animation), Toni Mijač (video)
Nika Bauman (flute), Marko Ferlan (guitar), Antonia Dorbić (dance), Rino Indiono (dance), Toni Mijač (video)

The series of videos named Landscapes and Dances was the starting point of Synesthetic Project. The idea was for the visual to inspire the visual, and for the dance-invoking to invite dance; to find a bridge between classical music and contemporary arts and create a collaborative piece of art in which both sides would try to express and make room for each other. Eventually, the pieces explored in the videos found their way to the live performances.